Counter Girls    

   a novel by Felicia C. York  

There is Kelly, a recent transplant to Manhattan, she is a Southern belle with big city dreams trying to live her happily ever after with the love of her life. Just when she thinks she has it all, she comes to find that things aren't as they seem. She must learn the difference between circumstance and self-sabotage and when things fall apart, she alone is left to pick up the pieces

After five years in the company, Lexie begins to feel dissatisfied with her position and decides to try for a promotion. If she thought climbing the ladder was tough, finding a boyfriend in NYC is even tougher. Read as she discovers that to find her Charming, she has to kiss many many frogs and as she finds out just how ugly the beauty industry can get!

Pilar, the twelve-year veteran, thinks she's the puppet master behing the scene. As she faces the fact that she's only getting older and the new artists are only getting younger, she finds herself looking over her life and realizes the pretty wall she's put up around her has cracks in it and eventually comes tumbling down. She must ask herself who is really pulling the strings.

Counter Girls reveals the secret life of the women (and men) who work for your favorite makeup brands. Deeply analytical, light-hearted and chock full of makeup tips and tricks; it is a great read for everyone from the cosmetics connoiseur to the person who doesn't know their lipstick from their eyeliner. Root for the underdog, despise the villain and then realize that they may be one in the same.

From the Author:

 I wrote this book because working at various makeup counters opened my eyes to a world I completely did not notice as a customer. The artists that impacted my life had lives of their own that were full of color and drama. I saw them as these Svengalis that knew so much more than I did but in all actuality they were just people who were good at their job.

Working in retail also opened my eyes to the business of makeup and what a business it is! I wanted to write about what I know and what better than to start at what I do each and every day?

I hope you fall in love with these characters. I hope you root for them when things are going well, feel sad for them when things are not; cry with them when their hearts get broken and happy for them when they get their act together.

These women: Lexie, Pilar and Kelly are all aspects of my personality. They are a part of me and they’ve lived with me for a very long time. The characters would visit me in my dreams or at work and would tell me themselves what was next for them.

If you take nothing from these words written in random sentences across the page, take this: you can write your own story as well.

Thank you for reading.

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