Counter Girls    

   a novel by Felicia C. York  

Kelly's Excerpt

Kelly may have gotten about three hours of sleep the previous night. All she could hear was Steven’s voice on repeat in her ear telling her how much he loved her and couldn’t be away from her. She was feeling too many emotions at the same time: doubt in her abilities to create beautiful makeup looks in 10 minutes yet anxious to really put herself to the test, guilt at what she did to Steven, lust for Alex and the desire to do it again. Lexie was counting on her and she couldn’t let her down.

The young woman was approaching the counter. She had cinnamon red hair and pale skin. “Hello, get a makeover at Blush today,” Kelly said to the woman half-expecting to be turned

“What’s going on here today?” The woman walked over to Kelly and looked around.

“We’re having an event focusing on eye makeup.” Kelly smiled hoping the woman would consider letting her play with different looks. It was still early and she hadn’t expected anyone to want to put makeup on before their morning coffee.

“Well, sign me up!” The woman sat down in the director’s chair. Kelly felt like a little kid on Christmas Day. She sanitized her hands ready to get to work. Up close, the woman’s green eyes were striking, they looked as though they could see everything going on in Kelly’s head. Her skin was pale and from her vantage point, Kelly could see that her makeup was very cakey. She wore all black head to toe. Her sweater was thick wool and her jeans were ripped. She wore black fishnets underneath which looked like they were ripped and torn as well. Her combat boots were well-worn with studs on the toes. She had a black book bag with studs all over it that looked to be stuffed with her coat. If not for the bad makeup, she looked like she could work here. On second thought, bad makeup withstanding, she still looked like she could work here. Kelly smiled at her own inner dialogue.

“What look do you want to do?” Kelly asked.

“Smoky eyes!” The young woman was very animated when she said it, surprising Kelly because she hadn’t seemed very eager about the entire process at all. She was worried the smoky eye would be too dark for her pallid skin but the customer gets what she wants. She looked at her one last time before starting, her green eyes giving her an idea.

She gathered her tools and narrated as she began. “I’m starting with an eye shadow primer. What it does is forms a barrier between the skin so that the oil from your lid doesn’t interact with the oil in your makeup so that it can stay on all day.”

She grabbed a silvery pink eye shadow. It was very neutral but it would look beautiful against her skin. “The color palette I’m using is a twist on the smoky eye. It’s made to bring out the beautiful color of your eyes. I hope you don’t mind it’s not the classic smoky eye.”

“You’re the pro. I trust you,” the woman said. Kelly relaxed.

“You want to make sure that your eye shadow primer is smooth when you apply it so that your makeup goes on smooth. That goes for any type of primer you’re using.” Kelly pressed the soft color to the inner corner of the eye and a little on the lid. “The lightest color is the color you should make for your inner corner and highlight so that the look doesn’t cast too much of a shadow underneath the eye and brings the look up so it’s not too dark overall.” Kelly felt as though she was talking to a brick wall, not sure if the woman was listening but she didn’t exactly want to do it in silence.

She applied an amethyst color all over the lid. “This is a matte purple color in a medium dark shade I’m using just so it doesn’t go from light to dark so dramatically. Also, it’s matte because personally, I don’t like to use too much shimmer.”

Kelly finished the shadow out with a deep plum color with black glitter in it. “I love this shadow because it adds a bit of glamour and it goes perfectly with our purple theme.” She rounded out the look with a thin black cream liner very close to the lash line. She wanted the line to be very precise. “The liner creates more definition to the eye.” She added mascara. “This mascara gives you length, volume and curl for more drama.” Kelly only did one eye so that she could see the look first. She handed her the mirror, biting the inside of her mouth not exactly sure what the response would be.

“Oh my God!” the girl exclaimed. “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Look how intense my eyes look!”

“I’m glad you like it and since I told you where I placed everything maybe you could attempt to do the same yourself?” Kelly smiled.

“I will most definitely try.” Kelly took the mirror and began working on the other side. Because she knew exactly what she was doing, she felt more at ease and her pace was quicker.

Where are you from?” she asked.

“Ireland. We don’t have this brand at home,” the woman smiled as she answered. Kelly was done in a few minutes and showed the woman her handiwork again. “Yes! This is great. Can we do something about this makeup?”

Kelly was happy that she asked. She began to take it off layer by layer with the help of endless napkins and makeup remover. “Why do you feel you need this much makeup?” Kelly hoped her question wasn’t offensive but she really wanted to know.

“Honestly, I like my makeup to be sort of a mask. I have breakouts and uneven skin and I feel like the more makeup I have on, the better I look.”

It was the most genuine answer she’d heard from a woman about her makeup routine in a while. She felt badly for her Irish Rose as she began to call her in her head. She wanted to hug her and make her feel better about herself because she was a pretty girl.

Well, I think you’re gorgeous and hopefully, I can make you see what I see.” Kelly began with a face primer.

“You’re too kind,” she said.

“For your blemishes, I’m using a treatment concealer. It has salicylic acid to help heal pimples so it does more than your average concealer. You can use it either under or above foundation. I like to use a lighter concealer under and then blend it with the foundation.” She patted the concealer on each blemish and blended out the edges. She used her fingers to do so.

“Next, I’m using a liquid foundation that has medium to full coverage. I like liquid because I find that it is more natural looking that powder alone.” She started at the woman’s nose and began to spread it thinly under her eyes and across her cheeks, blending outward to the hairline and jaw. “Since I know you want full full full coverage, I’m using a powder foundation lightly as a setting powder to blend everything out and make it look smooth.” Kelly showed her half-face once again. The difference was clearly visible.

“Wow. I look airbrushed!” the woman said, touching the side with makeup lightly.

Kelly did the other side of her face quickly as well. “Now, how about some blush?” ‘Kelly was mainly talking to herself. Knowing she had the trust of her customer, she felt free to do what she really wanted. She swiped a pink cream blush on the apples of Irish Rose’s cheeks and added a bronzer on the back of the cheeks and passed it along the temples. She then added a neutral gloss to her lips. “Since the eyes are so striking, you want to keep everything else neutral and pretty but you want the focus to be on the eyes.”Rose nodded.

She showed her the finished face in the mirror and tears welled up in her eyes. “You kept your word. I do look beautiful.” Irish Rose looked to be in shock. Kelly was proud of herself. Sure, she didn’t complete the look in 10 minutes, but she made someone happy. For however long she took with the customer, no one else existed. They were together in their own happy little world where a little shadow, blush and gloss made a difference in someone’s life. This was the reason Kelly wanted to work in makeup.

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